How could distributed energy change energy consumption?

As production of energy around the world moves to the next generation of renewable, cost-effective sources, we should strive to find means to do this more effectively than the past. It is very important that solar and wind energy successfully support life and communities, rather than follow the wrong path.

We believe three steps are needed to make everyone better off:

    1. End utility bills: Community solar can ensure access to solar and wind energy for everyone, but it has to become simpler. As we produce energy that is perpetual (i.e. sun and wind), why do we need utility bills? Can't we get rid of bills? All we need is a mechanism to even out production and demand once a year, and make sure it is fair and financially viable. 
    2. Enable access to renewable resource no matter where you are: as more wind and energy sources are connected to the grid, we need to make it simpler for people to receive the energy their solar panels produce as they move across towns and states.Why do you need to register with a new utility every time you move? All we need is a mechanism to evenly communicate your production of electricity from one utility to another. In this way, your share in a community solar system can be always producing electricity for you, no matter where you are.
    3. Allow you to access your energy anytime from anywhere: as more vehicles become electric and more accessories (e.g. phones, watches, wearable...) require power, people need to be able to plug in from everywhere. Why should you pay for or struggle to find energy on-the-go, when your community solar share produces electricity somewhere else on the grid? All we need is an underlying infrastructure for identifying where you consume and where you produce energy. This infrastructure should be reliable, open and easy to access.

    When you step back and look at the overall picture of energy for life, it is easy to see that this infrastructure will make access to energy much easier, more cost effective and will create many jobs in maintaining and managing it around the country. Everyone wins.

    Michele Lunati
    Michele Lunati