Community solar is going to change your neighborhood!

Community solar is going to change solar energy production. Aggregating a neighborhood around the construction of a single project allows us to use the best rooftops and land for solar energy production. In other words, community solar makes sure that the structures that lend themselves better than others to solar energy are producing energy for the entire neighborhood, maximizing their potential, rather than just for their owners.

However, let me step back for a moment. What have you heard about solar energy?  Over time, we heard many claims and accusations about solar energy. One fact remains undisputed. The panels you install on your roof are just the last link in a long chain of energy transfer. It starts 150,000,000 miles from earth in the largest nuclear power plant in the vicinity of earth. While everyone seems captivated by clean nuclear power, indeed, we should not forget about the biggest nuclear energy source, with a 4 billion years remaining lifetime…the sun! Solar energy allows you to benefit from this incredibly powerful source. Some of the key concerns about solar energy include:
- Why should I invest now? What if the panels I buy become obsolete in 10 years?
- Should I bother installing the panels? What if there is a problem with the roof? What if I move?
- What if I don’t have access to a roof or a space for solar?

Community solar is set to solve them. Community solar can provide electricity cheaper than your utility bill without any installation required. Anyone can participate and receive the benefits of cheaper and cleaner energy at home.

Sounds like some sort of dark magic? Solar installations in your neighborhood provide electricity to the grid in your area. This electricity is up for grabs by anyone in the neighborhood - luckily this is where Potluck makes life simple for you. Simply sign up and buy a share of one of Potluck’s community shared solar installations in your area. You’ll start seeing net metering credits in your utility bill, running your electricity charges backward. If you move somewhere else, just let us know, and we will transfer your membership to somebody else on your grid.

The way it works is simple. Once completed, participants in the community solar project start receiving net metering credits in their utility bills, as if they installed the solar panels on their roof. Net metering is a credit towards your utility bill that rewards you for your share of electricity production from the community solar installation.

Potluck Energy takes care of figuring out the best land and rooftops, and organizing a community around them. We let members of this community invest and share the solar energy installation, cutting down the cost of the development. We are creating something new and exciting for your community, and hopefully many others.

So, how can you participate? Pre-register today at and we will put you on the waiting list of community solar participants. Your neighborhood will never be the same again!

Michele Lunati
Michele Lunati